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Tooth Extraction EncinoTooth extraction may be necessary when the tooth is so severely damaged that even crowns, fillings and root canals will not provide a solution.

In addition, when wisdom teeth have become impacted or are protruding through the gums, an extraction could be required.  In fact, wisdom teeth are the most common type of tooth extraction.

Often times, patients try to ignore the pain associated with extraction ready teeth, and this can lead to additional dental work and appointments.   Early detection is key to avoiding infection and crowding of the teeth – which can even make them crooked.

Your teeth are prepared for an extraction during a consultation visit which they are examined by x-ray. Antibiotics will also be provided before the surgery to reduce the risk of infection. The extraction itself involves a loosening of the teeth with an elevator tool. After the socket has widened, the teeth will be pulled out with forceps.

Some mild discomfort can be experienced after an extraction. It is best to limit your diet to soft foods during this process and rinse with warm salt water 24 hours after the procedure. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be provided to decrease the initial pain.

Not visiting the dentist due to dental fear, even when you are pain, is something that is important for you to conquer in the best interest of your oral health.

It is recommended to visit Dr. Pouyan regularly or at the first sign that something may be awry with your teeth, mouth or gums.

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