Teeth Whitening Sherman Oaks

The aging of teeth can cause them to darken or become discolored.  Additionally, some food, drinks, or drugs can cause unattractive stains.  Teeth affected by cosmetic imperfections can be a distraction and impediment to your confidence.  Dr. Mehra Pouyan is a Sherman Oaks teeth whitening specialist who can create the most desirable results for patients.

Teeth whitening offers a comfortable method to eliminating discoloration and gaining a whiter, more attractive smile.  In-office teeth whitening is considered more effective than at-home methods because the treatment is performed in a suitable environment and by an experienced professional dentist.

The teeth whitening procedure works by applying a gel that penetrates deep into the tooth enamel and removes years of discoloration.  This gel is only coated over the surface of your teeth, while the gums and lips are covered by wearing a tray.  The whitening gel is activated when a curing light is focused on the area.

After the treatment, you can look at the mirror and be confident about your smile again.  Professional teeth whitening addresses deeply rooted stains, which makes it a more advanced and comprehensive treatment than regular toothpaste brushing.  To experience teeth whitening that produces dramatic results, call our office today and schedule your consultation.