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Teeth Whitening Encino Dr. Merha Pouyan will help you to regain that youthful bright and shiny smile before the years of teeth-staining food, soda and coffee turned the color into more of a yellowish brown.

Teeth can become discolored for a number of reasons.  Genetics, aging, coffee consumption, antibiotics, excessive fluoride, and old fillings are common causes of discolored teeth.  This is why numerous patients are affected by this problem.

In-office teeth whitening or bleaching is provided to help patients recover a white and visually inspiring smile.

Dr. Pouyan’s in-house teeth whitening system will make your teeth up to 10 shades brighter in only one hour.

His non-invasive teeth whitening procedure involves the application of a gel and ultra violet light to provide a sparkling resolution.

In-office teeth whitening is more effective than take home treatments because it is performed by a professional. Dr. Pouyan is one of the most experienced professionals around in performing successful teeth whitening treatments. The results are achieved earlier and your new smile will be luminescent.

Our in-house process begins with with the application of whitening gel to the teeth.  The patient is then placed under a special lamp that activates the elements in the gel and whitens stains and discolorations.

The results are immediate and your teeth can appear 8-10 shades lighter at the end of the one-hour period.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and get started towards your new, bright and shiny smile!