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Sedation Dentist Encino

Dental anxiety may sometimes be difficult to overcome.  If traditional psychological techniques can’t help you, you can opt to receive dental care with sedation.  Located in the Encino area, Dr. Mehra Pouyan provides dental treatments with the most advanced sedation materials and techniques.

Sedation treatments are provided based on individual needs, so consider whether this practice is right for you before the procedure. You want to be sure sedation can benefit you without compromising your personal needs.

Sedation is helpful if you don’t want to be aware of what is occurring during a procedure.  It can also ease your nerves by creating a relaxed feeling.  If you have a specific fear of certain needles or procedures, sedation can reduce your consciousness during these experiences.

For patients who are apprehensive about the safety of a treatment, sedation may not be a recommended option.  A more beneficial method would be to have a treatment at your pace, with constant communication with the doctor.

Two types of sedation include nitrous oxide and oral sedation.  Nitrous oxide is breathed in and induces a comfortable feeling.  This reduces pain and allows surgical treatments to be completed.  Oral sedation involves the consumption of pills or anti-anxiety drugs to help patients feel calm.  They are safe and result in no side effects if prescribed normally.

There are also pills that can be prescribed and provide up to six hours of relaxation for patients.  They can shorten treatments from potentially involving multiple appointments into one.  Sedation dentistry can be performed to reduce tiredness and fatigue that may result from extensive treatments performed over a long period of time.

Dr. Mehra Pouyan is an experienced Encino sedation dentist who helps patients overcome dental anxieties and fears.  If you believe sedation meets your needs, please call us today to schedule an appointment.