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Root Canal EncinoDr. Pouyan and his highly trained staff will perform root canal treatment in order to save compromised teeth from extraction.

During this process, the compromised interior contents are extracted and the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

In some instances, Dr. Pouyan may recommend this treatment even before you experience any pain and discomfort as a proactive measure.

Root canals can be a smart alternative to tooth extraction, which may end up being costlier and could negatively impact adjacent teeth.

Common signs and symptoms that a root canal may be needed:

– Tenderness on the jawbone
– Tooth sensitivity to cold or hot
– Toothache and discoloration
– Gum swelling or pain around the tooth

During a root canal procedure, an incision will be made on the tooth to expose the central area. Once the infected pulp has been exposed, it will be removed, along with the infection. The area will be rinsed with antibiotic fluids to remove secondary infections. After that, a filling will be applied to replace the pulp and extracted material.

A root canal does not cause pain to the patient.  The treatment actually results in less pain because the infection is removed from the pulp chamber.  If a severe dental infection exists, an endodontist may be called upon to perform an advanced procedure.  Endodontists are dental care experts with a focus on root canals.

Of course, through proper oral hygiene and normal checkups, Dr. Pouyan can identify potential oral health issues and provide solutions before they get to the point where a root canal is required!