Encino OrthodontistEncino Bright Smiles provides the orthodontic care that can sustain the health and functionality of your teeth for a number of years.

Encino orthodontist Dr. Mehra Pouyan is an experienced professional with an extensive range of specializations in the field.  Lead by his expertise and rich dental mind, our team delivers effective orthodontic care that brings sustainable results.

The field of orthodontics addresses problems that affect bite functions, jaw strength, and teeth positioning.  Traditional braces are a frequent remedy that patients seek to straighten their teeth or correct bite problems.

Braces can be produced from ceramic or stainless steel material. They work by exerting pressure on the teeth – this eventually allows them to straighten over time.

For patients who are seeking a visually appealing restoration, our treatment options also include Invisalign.  These are clear aligners that deliver an unobtrusive and modest method to straightening your smile.

The aligners are also flexible and can be comfortably replaced in two-week intervals during the course of the treatment.  The benefits of Invisalign allow you to enjoy your daily life as your teeth are being restructured.

After the treatment, you can regain a smile that will have all eyes on you!