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Dental Implants Encino A missing tooth not only has aesthetic consequences, but also can negatively impact your bite, oral health, facial structure and even the functionality of how you eat.

Dental implants are an innovative and viable alternative to living with missing teeth, or wearing dentures. They provide the feel and function necessary to replicate natural teeth. These are the only restorations that preserve natural bone, allowing bone growth to continue.

A dental implant is a surgical procedure that inserts a prosthesis through the gum area into the bone to act as a replacement root.  This then fuses with the bone to provide a strong base for the new tooth.

It will generally take 6-8 months for the implants to be completely fused with the bone. During this process, the bone and gum tissue surrounding the prosthesis will grow around it. After it has healed and been secured, the next step is the aesthetic replacement of the missing tooth.

A crown or bridge is then placed to provide a new, natural looking tooth for your improved smile!

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the health of your smile will be improved – including a boost to your overall self-esteem and the confidence that a great smile brings!

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