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Crowns & Bridges EncinoDental crowns are a form of dental restoration, which encompass a tooth to improve its strength and appearance.

Dental crowns are designed with porcelain material which are more compatible with your natural teeth. Their appearance is personalized to deliver an aesthetic restoration of your teeth. Their cosmetic benefits make them widely popular with patients experiencing minor tooth stain and trauma.

These restorations are also known as caps and are a choice of treatment for patients with cracked or fractured teeth.  They are strong restorations that can resist the forces exerted by jaw motion.  The tooth is prepared for crown placement by being shaped and have a root canal therapy performed.  This is done to remove any risk of infection or decay to the internal tissue.

Dental bridges adjoin an artificial tooth, with adjacent teeth, to cover an area where one is missing or has been extracted.

There are several different types of dental bridges that Encino Dentist Dr. Pouyan can employ to make this procedure a successful one.

Often times, patients will have missing teeth due to injury, gum disease or decay. When a tooth is altogether absent, the adjacent teeth will not receive the stability and support they need.  Shifting can then occur which could lead to additional tooth loss.

Dental bridges combined with the crowns offer a solution that could help to maintain a beautiful and vibrant smile.

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